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Our goal is to inspire every child to dig out his/her hidden abilities and to build up the confidence to that level where he/she becomes a keen and a dedicated learner, with a healthy attitude towards their studies and an understanding to be the part of a stimulating environment to have a positive effect on their future.

While studying at Knowledge County Tuition, your child will take a smooth journey towards increased independence and self-confidence. We provide the intensive coaching, consistent support, and real opportunity for our students to overcome their academic challenges by themselves. We have found that this attitude to challenges positively impacts all aspects of our students’ lives.

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Our core subjects are English, Maths and Science, we offer other school subjects alongside these. Enrolling your child onto these courses will result in your child having qualified, experienced, and professional tutors to guide them through the school year and encouraging them to excel at what they are good at, and overcome the areas they find difficult. We also provide books and study material. Before enrolling we offer every prospective student a free assessment and a chance to see whether Knowledge County Tuition is right for them.

Through our small, focused and friendly classes students are able to reach an advanced level of study, to reach places they may have found daunting before. Our Critical Thinking classes are a fundamental aspect of this, helping students to realize that there are no barriers to success other than those in their head and their way of conceiving the world around them. We make sure that learning at Knowledge County Tuition, is learning to succeed and to feel confident in every aspect of life.

Empathy – our core value

We understand that every child that comes to us is different, and we aim to always deliver a personal service to you and your child. We help our students to become motivated in all areas and focused on areas that are important to them for their future. We want to be here for you as much as your child, we offer support and advice for parents, and we really like to get to know you and your child on a personal level.